Inquiring Minds

Inquiring Minds

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After Opal, a school reporter arrives at Nikole Nash`s house to do a profile on her. Nikole is not sure why the school newspaper is doin a piece on HER, she`s nothing special. But Aften insists that since Nikole is out as lesbian in a small town, it`s important to hear her voice! as the interview goes on, it`s clear that Aften admires Nikole. Aften starts asking her personal questions! Thats when it`s too much and Nikole confronts Aften and learns that Aften is a lesbian, too! Kimm Kimm is preparing Clara Trinity to take over a long-time babysitting job for her when she leaves for a semester abroad. Just when is complete Kimmy drops a bombshellon unsuspecting clara; One of the requirements for this gig is to show the woman of the house a little love on the side! Clara is shocked by the revelation. She admits that she`s a virgin. But that isn`t a problem because Kimmy is more than willing to take Clara`s training to the next level! Evelyn Claire and Gianna Dior show us how sex works when we are in remote quarantine, masturbating by video.

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