Elbow Grease H2o Hot Gel Lubricant Water Based 16 Ounce

Elbow Grease H2o Hot Gel Lubricant Water Based 16 Ounce

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  • Product Sku: ZBC110
  • Manufacturer: B. Cumming Company, Inc.
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: December 26, 2007


Elbow Grease Hot Gel the first warming water-based lubricant on the market! Hot Gel entered the lubricant scene a year after the Elbow Grease Classic Gel formula. The new water-based lubricant market needed something innovative and adventurous. Elbow Grease Hot Gel was the answer. The warming agent in the formula is menthol, which awakens sensations you didn?t know you had! Elbow Grease Hot Gel is a thick long-lasting lubricant, providing a warming sensation, which enhances your sensual experience.

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Product Reviews

thick and smmmoth

I really like this cream, it's thick and smooth without that messy, greasy feeling on the skin. I use it everywhere and on my sex toys too.

Anonymous - February 5 2015

Very slippery when wt

I have ultra sensitive skin and most lubes and oils i've used has cause some kind of irritation. But not this one, it feels great on my skin, it's super thick and stays on. Love the minty warming sensation it gives off

Anonymous - October 11 2014

Light nice and warming

My lubes are much thicker than this one and is usually a bit sticky and messy. I like this one much better because it's lighter, thinner but still just as creamy as my other ones. My husband likes to give me foot massages, i guess he's got a little foot fetish craving going on... anyway, he uses this lube to rub my feet and toes with and it feels wonderful as the lube warms up the more he rubs them.

Anonymous - October 1 2014

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